Match № 25

The match № 25, play-off, seventh tournament day


January 9th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Evgeniy Kupa, Aleksandr Ivanov, Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Belarus: Shcharbitski, Paulavets (c), Kastsiushkin, Valynets (Sarokin, 72), Tarakanau, Shauchenka, Kastsiuchyk (Chmyrykau, 76), Klimovich (Vasilyeu, 76), Lukashyk (Kuckharchyk, 64), Nosko, Shybun (Baiduk, 78)

Head coach: Viktar Barel

Moldova: Timbur, Osipenko, Svinarenco, Macritchii V. (c), Golubev (Rusnac, 74), Berestean, Zabun (Curtejan, 58), Andriuhin, Bejenari (Apostol, 58), Cucovei (Zagaevscii, 25), Gustiuc

Head coach: Ghenadie Pushka

Goals: Tarakanau (2), Klimovich (52), Shybun (73)

Yellow cards: Valynets (23), Osipenko (27)

Best players: Aliaksei Tarakanau, Valerii Macritchii


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Belarus Viktar Barel:

– Today's match was between two teams from the last places in their groups. We won because we had more forces left. We could control the ball and use our scoring moments. We watched recording of team Moldova playing while preparing for this game, and I think one of the main reasons of their loss was absence of one of their leaders, Macrichii.

– Your team scored an early goal, on the second minute. Have your players got such instructions?

– Yes, of course. We watched the match Moldova – Slovenia, and we estimated their actions in all the lines, especially defensive. We realized it would be difficult to break their defense. So we needed an early goal which would be surely followed by attempts to make revanche and baring the rear area. And then we would make use of it turning from defending to counterattack. And I'm glad the players have accomplished the coaches' instruction. One can say (and I believe my colleague would agree) that this goal became the key moment of the game.

Head coach of the team Moldova Ghenadie Pushka:

– It was one of the games when one can say "What the eyes want the legs can't do". Today we should have play overcoming our "can't". But, unfortunately, the level of our team and the level of the whole tournament don't allow us, the national team coaches, to provide with such resources. We brought here all the players we could find. We don't have more. And those who haven't done their best on the pitch today haven't showed their man's character. Then, we must learn this, too. We have 2-3 fine scoring moments in each game, but we fail to realize them. If we had scored at least half of them we would now have been playing for the top places!

– You've got twins in your team, Valerii and Andrei Macritchii. Don't you confound them?

– We lacked very much one of them today, Andrei. He is one of the team leaders, as well as his brother, but today he missed the game because of the yellow cards from the previous matches. Well, of course I do confound them. But now they helped it themselves by making different haircuts.

– Didn't you have a wish to change anything, or, try anything new, after such an unsuccessful tournament and the missed early goal?

– It's not been long that I took this team, so it's too early to reform it. We need to build it at first, brick to brick. We can't change anything in the course of the tournament. They are still young players. There is the risk of misunderstanding. Today I saw some of my players yielding to physical weariness, giving in, stopping to think. They kept fighting while they could. I study myself, I make my conclusions. It was very hard to assemble this team. Half of them couldn't come to the training before the tournament. And now, after a range of failed games, I have to rehabilitate them psychologically first and then make changes on the pitch.

– Many of your colleagues take the referees amiss. Say, sometimes when the score is lopsided referees could be more indulgent. What's your opinion?

– This is a very serious question. On the one hand, referee must always follow the rules, and he gains points for it. But we all study. My opinion is, sometimes referee must be a psychologist as well. There is no need to punish all the faults, even if the rules demand it. In this age, a player can be easily 'broken' by a red card and even become an outcast in the changing room. I think referees have to operate considering the situation.

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