Match № 19

The match № 19, group B, fifth tournament day


January 7th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Artyom Chistyakov, Ilya Dorogostaisky, Ilya Ivanov

Slovenia: Sorchan, Kumer, Poljanec, Vokich, Taneski, Lorbek, Ojbolt (Adamich, 55), Gajich (c) (Petrovchich, 77), Krivichich, Vidovich (Plavshich, 64), Nemanich

Head coach: Primoj Gliha

Moldova: Cebotari, Svinarenco, Macritchii V.(c) (Curtejan, 88), Golubev (Apostol, 70), Macritchii A., Berestean, Zabun (Rusnac, 82), Andriuhin, Bejenari (Crudu, 61), Cucovei (Zagaevscii, 53), Gustiuc

Head coach: Ghenadie Pushka

Goals: Vidovich (15), Gajich (69)

Yellow cards: Macritchii V. (33), Svinarenco (34), Taneski (34), Krivichich (35), Macritchii A. (45), Cucovei (50), Plavshich (75)

Red cards: Macritchii A. (74, 2nd yellow card)

Best players: Serghei Krivichich, Marko Svinarenko


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Slovenia Gliha Primoj:

– It was quite a difficult game. But the main thing is the result, and it is 2:0. We needed the victory, though I didn't like our playing. We are still studying, and we had troubles with injuries.

– You mentioned at the first press conference that you get experience playing shorthanded...

– Yes, you are quite right! It happened that we've tried all the variants of nonstandard situations: we played ten, today we played eleven to ten, and moreover I watched the game from the tribune, my assistant instructed players. I was in one meter from the bench, though. But it is quite an experience!

– You are very emotional coach. Is it because of the match always?

– I have such character. But I calm down quickly. Yes, I outrage sometimes because of my players' performance, actions of other participants of the match and referee's also. I clearly understand that this tournament is an education base for many people: players, coaches, referees. During the match there are simple emotions.

Head coach of the team Moldova Ghenadie Pushka:

– I agree with my colleague. It was difficult game. I'm disappointed. If we could score, we would play in different way!

– 70th minute of matches is unlucky for you. Most of the problems appeared after it. What is going on?

– I don't know, but you are quite right. May be it's better to ask referee to play 35 minutes in a half... But talking seriously, I have mentioned the loss of concentration as the main reason of our mistakes and now I also can speak about bad physical conditions. My players are not ready for the whole match!

– Can you comment the individual skills of several players: Andriukhin, who has just recovered from injury and Curtejan – the son of the popular football player in St, Petersburg?

– I do not want to blame or underline players individually. There is a team that must play on the pitch. All estimations will be done on our coming back to Moldova. The only thing I want to note, that all my players have the desire to play. I mean Andriuhin exactly; as you have pointed out, yesterday he was sick with a high temperature.

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