Match № 17

The match № 17, group A, fifth tournament day


January 7th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Artur Fyodorov, Igor Korotkov, Pavel Yakovlev

Belarus: Khutko, Paulavets (c), Kastsiushkin, Valynets, Tarakanau (Vasilyeu, 57), Baiduk (Nosko, 83), Sarokin (Shauchenka, 46; Kuckharchyk, 68), Kastsiuchyk, Klimovich, Lukashyk, Shybun (Chmyrykau, 68)

Head coach: Viktar Barel

Finland: Aalto, Antikainen (Salmela, 87), Lehtinen (Peiponen, 75), Friberg, Karlsson, Jensen, Jouini (Rama, 85), Jarvinen (Blomqvist, 84), Savolainen, Lassas (c) (Nurmela, 60), Ojanpera R. (Pietola, 60)

Head coach: Jarkko Wiss

Goals: Jarvinen (6), Lukashyk (18), Lassas (42), Jensen (63), Pietola (86)

Yellow cards: Friberg (45), Kastsiuchyk (78), Jouini (81), Baiduk(81)

Best players: Ilya Kastsiushkin, Liro Jarvinen


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Belarus Viktar Barel:

– I would say the first half was one of our best played at this tournament. The second half was failed. In such games, if you've got a scoring moment you must make use of it. Losing one or two scoring moments means losing the game. It is especially true for players of this age: they score and seize the initiative and can change the pattern of the game. We couldn't. The reason of defeat was the actions of my players.

– Your number 9 produced quite a fine impression! But why does he play as the central defender?

– Do you mean Dzmitry Baiduk? Well, he is the central defender. He plays with another number at the championship, but before this tournament he took the play number that was left. You see, here is no link between the number and position on the pitch.

– You've played three games. Have you managed to watch all your players on the pitch?

– I've said that our goal is to let all of them come on the pitch. However, this time we started the game with the sporting disposition to win. So it was not about watching. I will draw conclusions concerning the lineup when I am back to Minsk. And now, we have two play-off games ahead, and we have to win and to improve our statistics which are now negative. I already feel uneasy coming to the press conference. We do have potential. The team shows good playing fragmentarily. We've got something to work at!

Head coach of the team Finland Jarkko Wiss:

– I'm very happy with this victory! I agree with my colleague – first half was equal. But in the first half we used our scoring chances. Our captain and the whole team had a rising mood after the second goal. And I felt it in the change room they had a spirit of victory.

– About your captain. Last time you talked that he was injured, did he recover?

– He (Lassas) was sick and still he doesn't totally get well, and I substituted him in the second half. We have many troubles with injuries. Before this match we got the reinforcement. Jensen - the player of Twente came to us yesterday and I'm happy that out team has him in the lineup.

– Your team scored twice with a distant kicks, was it the plan for the game?

– Yes, I ask them to be confident and have the courage to strike from distance. They are afraid of making mistake usually. But today they began to do it and the result came at once.

– Sometimes coaches say that their team has "failed year players". Can you say so about your team?

– Certainly, no! May be the team of 95th year of birth has some more outstanding players, but they will be in this staff too. We need to work more with them!

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