Match № 13

The match № 13, group C, fourth tournament day


January 6th, 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Ivan Sidenkov, Konstantin Averyanov, Denis Savin

Azedrbaijan: Gasimov, Safarzade, Mammadov A., Khakimov, Madatov, Hashimli (c) (Kama, 70), Muradbayli, Jafarov, Mammadov T., Felek (Zamanov, 69), Mustafazade

Head coach: Nikolai Adam

Czech Republic: Nemrava, Takacz, Shisha (Shural, 63), Toml (c) (Honish, 46), Rys, Heleshic (Kodesh, 46), Kulhanek (Kodr, 46), Schick, Schotkowski (Mlchak, 46), Suhan, Zorvan (Danis, 46)

Head coach: Miroslav Soukup

Goals: Danis (61), Takacz (77)

Yellow cards: Felek (35), Madatov (54), Danis (67), Shural (83)

Best players: Elnur Jafarov, Laco Takacz


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Azerbaijan Adam Nikolai:

– My congratulations to the team of Czech Republic. They have a good team. We understood that today both teams needed to win. I have chosen the same tactics as in the first game, but it didn't work. The main reason is our attack today had lack of explosiveness.

– You are the representative of German football school is coaching Azerbaijan team. Is there any difference in mentality?

– Not at all. It is not like – German coaches came to develop Azerbaijan football; the whole country has the desire to increase the level of football, AFA makes huge efforts for it, we just help in some moments.

– You've given estimation to your team's attacking, and what for the other lines?

– It's not quite correct. A team cannot be estimated by line. Talking about the attacking line, I said we lacked explosiveness, but we also lacked speed. If you look at the statistics of the match there must be ball possession 75% to 25% for Czech. The main reason is lacking speed and promptness in taking decisions.

– You substituted the captain; does it mean that you have not defined the leader of your team?

– I don't see any problem in this substitution. The player was tired, and I substituted him. But he is a real leader of our team. Miri Hashimli plays now for the Fenerbahce, Turkey. He is a great authority in our team.

Head coach of the team of Czech Republic Miroslav Soukup:

– It was very tough game. I could watch the match Azerbaijan with Greece and I want to underline perfect defense line of our today's opponent. Azerbaijan has a very quick pass from defense to attack and it made many problems for us. If you tell me that we had much higher percent of ball possession, I can say it is just statistics.

– You've made substitutions after the break. You weren't satisfied with something in playing of your team?

– I have the scheme for each game. Those players who were substituted – were exhausted. We needed a new breath. Tough schedule of the tournament, a short training period make me rotate the line-up. But the main reason was that we lost scoring moments in the first half. I wasn't happy with it. Moreover, we needed victory in this match after defeat with Japan for our psychological stability. In advance of your next question I can stay that I have substituted our captain also. There is a question in our team with the position of captain; we still do not define the player for it. The captain must obtain variable qualities.

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