Match № 12

The match № 12, group B, third tournament day


January 5th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 2200 spectators

Referees: Yuri Aponasenko, Aleksandr Rodionov, Roman Milyuchenko

Russia: Kuznetsov, Nikolaesh, Marchenko (Rukas, 64), Buranov (Novak, 67), Guliev (c) (Nasedkin, 64), Anisimov, Sheydaev (Cherov, 56), Nesterenko, Frolov, Zuev (Belikov, 56), Ageev (Panteleev, 56)

Head coach: Dmitry Homukha

Slovenia: Sorchan, Primc, Zupanc (c), Poljanec, Taneski, Lorbek (Petrovchich, 67), Krivichich (Gajich, 59), Vidovich (Ojbolt, 46), Adamich (Vokich, 46), Jugovar (Plavschich, 46), Nemanich

Head coach: Gliha Primoj

Goals: Sheydaev (18, pen., 37), Zuev (22), Guliev (43, pen.), Anisimov (65), Cherov (69)

Yellow card: Vokich (76)

Red card: Primc (43)

On the 44th minute of the match, the head coach of team Slovenia was sent off the technical zone because of the interference in referee's work

Best players: Denis Anisimov, Blaj Poljanec


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Russia Dmitry Homukha:

– After the first match we made the rotation of the line-up, made 5 changes, added 2 players who have the experience in national team and these players showed their best.

– The next match your team will play against Estonia which lost all the chances and won't be highly motivated. What do you know about this team and how will you prepare your players for it?

– We think that this tournament is a preparation, and there is no words like "this game means nothing" for us. Each game means a lot for tactical education of our team. Those players who do not have the experience of matches of this level must get this experience. That is why we will prepare for the match against Estonia like for any other match.

– In the play-off round your team can get Slovakia or Iran as the opponent. What do you know of them and whom do you prefer to meet on the pitch?

– These teams are participants of the World Cup. Whom we will meet will be decided in the match between them. We are interested in each of them, because both teams are rather strong and good opponents.

– You mentioned that the match against Estonia will be important for your team from educational point, but will you make the rotation of goalkeepers? You have already used two of them.

– For sure there will be changes, our main aim is to look through as many players as possible on this tournament. The rotation will be during the whole tournament. As for the goalkeeper, next match I will put in line-up your favorite Maxim Rudakov.

– You are the most 'talkative' coach during the last three tournaments. Your predecessors used to keep silence during the matches, and you are giving tips to your players, speaking to them, giving advises. Did the players fail to catch the coach's instruction in the changing room?

– This lineup was gathered after the New Year, and they are playing together only a week. It's quite difficult for them to imply on the pitch the tactics we discussed in the changing room. We have to help them and point their positions during the game. As time passes they will get used to what they are demanded of, work out team playing, and there will be no need in such helping.

Head coach of the team Slovenia Gliha Primoj:

– I won't speak about the match if there are no questions.

– Was your sending off the result of the emotional storm? Do you regret?

– I went myself. He didn't send me off.

– Does that 0:6 objectively show the power of team Russia, or it is just an accident?

– Team Russia is a very good team, their playing is strong. In the interval I came to the referee and told him that he didn't need helping this team, they play very good themselves. Generally, I have an impression that next match we will play nine. On this tournament it is normal for us to play ten, or, nine, there's no difference. 15 minutes passed and there is a red card, and we played the whole match shorthanded. It was quite hard. Today there's another red card.

– It must be uncomfortable for your team to play on the artificial pitch under the roof. Did it affect your playing in any way?

– It's not the matter if the pitch is artificial or not, if there are referees or not referees. It's about the physical condition. We finished playing in November, we didn't have any games or trainings. We didn't work at tactics. And we lacked physics.

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