Match № 11

The match № 11, group B, third tournament day


January 5th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Lapkin, Andrey Kuzhelev, Aleksandr Ivanov

Moldova: Timbur, Osipenko, Svinarenco, Macritchii V.(c), Golubev, Macritchii A. Berestean, Zabun (Zagaevscii, 73), Bejenari (Apostol, 46), Cucovei (Curtejan, 90), Gustiuc

Head coach: Ghenadie Pushka

Estonia: Karofeld, Reintal, Kuusk, Juha, Ainsalu (c), Pjurg, Kaldma (Riiberg, 60), Andreev (Sappinen, 69), Paavo (Shlein, 69), Jakovlev, Shkinjov (Jarva, 60)

Head coach: Marko Lelov

Goals: Cucovei (48), Jarva (77)

Failed penalty kick: Sappinen (84, missed)

Yellow cards: Jarva (63), Osipenko (83)

Best players: Andrei Macritchii, Mihkel Ainsalu


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Moldova Ghenadie Pushka:

– The draw is obvious result of this match. We had scoring moments and our opponents had them also. It was a good, combative game that exhausted both teams.

– You've played two matches on the tournament. Both times your team acted consistently and trained till the 70th minute, then the mistakes appeared. Is it lack of physical conditions?

– It is not the question of physics. Our main problem is the loss of concentration. You have noted by yourself that till the middle of the second half we played on a high level but then it looks like we fell asleep.

– There were not so many substitutions during the match, it means you've already defined main staff?

– Don't even think about it! We have many injuries and illnesses. One more player from the line-up turned sick yesterday. He has a fever – 39 by centigrade, he is our central defender Andryuhin. We do not have enough players to vary the line-up.

Head coach of the team Estonia Marko Lelov:

– There was unusual situation for us today. Normally, we do not use positional attacks. But today we had success in this component. It is difficult to play against the team who use 5 defenders. Fortunately, our team has the players to rip up such lines. We had the chance to win, but failed the penalty kick. In general there are good emotions after this game only.

– Next match you play with Russia. You play in a very aggressive manner on this tournament, play the open football. Against Russia will you follow the same tactics?

– It is always interesting and hard to play against Russia. You've noted right that we always play our game and let the opponent play football also. We prepare for each match and in the match with Russia many moments will depend on the home team.

– Player who came with substitutions made the sharp attack at once, the penalty kick was the result of it. Did you guess the right player for substitution?

– I knew whom I had to change! We needed to improve our play. I'm happy that my players solve it. It's a pity that we failed penalty kick – but it is not the most important. The key point is that we could change the way of the game, players followed my instructions and got positive emotions.

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