Match № 10

The match № 10, group A, third tournament day


January 5th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 600 spectators

Referees: Andrey Fisenko, Igor Sukharenok, Ilya Ivanov

Slovakia: Bajza, Vavro, Vodezcky, Kacher, Gric, Vestenicky (Slaninka, 86), Shpalek (Vlchek, 82), Berejny, Kupec, Haraslin (c), Chvatal

Head coach: Milan Malatinsky

Belarus: Shcharbitski, Paulavets (c), Kastsiushkin, Valynets, Shauchenka (Tarakanau, 46), Sarokin (Baiduk, 75), Kastsiuchyk (Chmyrykau, 64), Klimovich (Vasilyeu, 68), Lukashyk (Kukharchyk, 46), Nosko, Shybun

Head coach: Viktar Barel

Goals: Haraslin (27), Vestenicky (70)

Yellow card: Nosko (44)

Best players: Lukash Haraslin, Mikhail Shybun


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Slovakia Milan Malatinsky:

– We are happy that we won. It was a hard match; however, our opponent is a strong team. We managed to create many scoring moments, and if it were not for the poor realization we could have scored more. Now we are going to work to perform better.

– You made only two substitutions, both in the end of the match. Does it mean that Iran will play against completely new players, comparing with the first two games?

– Two substitutions in the end of the match were due to medical reasons – physical condition of the players. I don't know yet who will play against Iran. We are going to watch the recording of their matches, analyze it and do what we will consider proper. Now I can't know who will play, neither how we will play.

– Do you know already how you can win Iran?

– No! Not yet. We need to consider it.

– You've got two games and two wins, though today it seemed that your players were not showing their best: there was no burst of emotions, they were just doing their job. Was it because the opponent let them play this way, or it is just the style of your team?

– It is the style of the team. I tell them what to do and how to play, and they accurately follow the instruction. They did what their coach told them.

– You have now three rivals in the group, but there are 16 teams in the tournament. What of them would you like to play against, as a coach?

– For me it's no matter whom to play against. This is a very good tournament, all the teams here are high-qualified, so it would be both challenging and interesting to play against any of them. I would even say I'd like to play against each of them.

Head coach of the team Belarus Viktar Barel:

– I want to congratulate Slovakia team with the victory. We plan to play this game from the defense and use fast counter attacks. Unfortunately, especially in first 30 minutes we couldn't do anything of it. Slovakian team played faster, thought faster and moved faster, took quick decisions. We were slower, and failed the transfers from defense to attack. Also we failed to come back to defense fast. But, comparing with the first match, I like the attitude of players. I will repeat – the main reason of our defeat was a slow taking decisions.

– You asked your players in the first half to attack more, ask them to be involved in schemes of standard kicks, why was it so? Were your players still sleeping?

– To my opinion, this certain situation was too nervous for them. They tried to play for the result but not for the good play. I always tell them to play their own football and do not look on the opponents. Also I must note that Slovakian team had a good game today, so we couldn't come out from defense, they didn't not let us do it. My players were over excited and too shy, but anyway I'm satisfied with their performance. We increase our defense play comparing with first match, but there are still a lot of work.

– You said, that you are satisfied with the performance of your players, but nearly all single fights Belarus lost. There were many fail in passes and the goals were the results of the mistakes, what is the reason?

– We lost the ball too often only by one reason: we act to slow, we try to play on the place, but the modern football is the action with speed and movement. We failed to do it. Slovakian players closed all the gapes and zones, to play in positional defense is much easier than play the positional attack. We can't play so right now. We planned a counter attacking game, but couldn't do that.

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