Match № 8

The match № 8, group D, second tournament day


January 4th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 2100 spectators

Referees: Oleg Sokolov, Denis Savin, Igor Korotkov

St. Petersburg: Obukhov (c), Krivulkin (Petrov, 58), Ivanov (Zyryanov, 60), Ivanidi, Markin, Pankov (Bliumgardt, 63), Yuryev (Tankov, 46), Agaragimov (Doroshenko, 60), Nazimov, Bukharov, Kubyshkin (Filatenko, 48)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Latvia: Kurakins, Koļesovs (Chernomordijs, 85), Bezushchonoks (c), Litvinskis, Vasiļjevs (Kupchs, 42), Krushatins (Jekabsons, 61), Karklinsh, Jurkovskis (Baikovs, 73), Strazdinsh (Mordatenko, 73), Dubrovskis, Balinsh (Zhmilevskis, 74)

Head coach: Vladimirs Babichevs

Goals: Kubyshkin (2, 28), Nazimov (38, 58)

Failed penalty kick: Mordatenko (78, goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Bliumgardt (64), Zhmilevskis (79)

Best players: Iliya Kubyshkin, Deniss Bezushchonoks


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After match comments

Head coach of the team St. Petersburg Vladimir Kazachenok:

– The beginning was lucky for us. It was really good that we could score fast, we settled nerves. I've already told that there are no weak teams on this tournament. Today we received a firm verification that the main moments in football are defined by the speed of a thought and the speed of movement. When we played this way – we had advantage, when we stop it – there were two equal teams on the pitch.

– Can we say that team of St.Petersburg has the competitive advantage because it is in action, having won the Russian tournament recently? You have the formed combinations, played schemes, cooperated players unlike the opponent teams, don't you?

– I've already told that we play with national teams, and our team is formed from one single city. Look on Iran team. 11 persons of service, scouts; they obviously gathered not in the airport, they are the team of the high level. Each squad has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it's good that we have cooperated players and schemes, on the other it's bad. In each scheme we have some gaps. So we must combine them to avoid these gaps.

– Two first goals were scored by central defender. Do you think it is the right way to play for the player of this position? Should he also make the pressing besides his natural role of stopping?

– There are standard kicks and its executioners in football theory. It doesn't matter who will take the role of the executioner – defender, striker or goalkeeper. Who performs better – that man will do it. In other cases, the philosophy of football is to score the goal and it is not important who will do it.

– Is everything all right with injured players?

– I haven't come to change room yet. But the last minutes of the match was very nervous for me, several players complained of spasms, it means I don't know everything about physical conditions of my players.

– The first half you watched not from the coach bench, let the leading role to your assistants, but in the second half you came back to your seat. What was the reason, assistants didn't succeed or it was another matter?

– I was on the tribune, it's much better view from upstairs. In official championships it's difficult to watch match from distance but here I can use this possibility. Also I have really good assistants whom I can rely on! I ask you to note this specially!

Head coach of the team Latvia Vladimirs Babichevs:

– The opponent turned out stronger. I believe we just were not ready for the game. It became obvious after the first goal. We failed to organize ourselves. There are objective reasons for it, this is our internal affair.

– Your team didn't hurry to take out after they let in the early goal. Latvian players stayed on their part of the pitch allowing the opponents to do whatever they wanted. It was till three goals were let in, than the team started playing and creating moments. What was the reason of such play?

– We just couldn't catch and hold the ball, we failed to possess it, we failed everything. And the matter was not only the rival, the matter was ourselves. I just couldn't believe, that it was my team, they were simply not themselves. They couldn't deal with themselves. You've lost the ball once and twice and you are always in defence and it takes you always more energy than the opponent. That's how the game was lost.

– Your next opponents are teams of Ukraine and Turkey. How would you evaluate these two teams?

– They are very good teams, both the Ukrainians and the Turkish. Our next game will be against Turkey, and we surely will not be able to play worse than today. We have two objectives: preparing for the European Championship and growing in playing football, that's why we came here.

– You've just said about the condition of the teams Ukraine and Turkey. Will you be able to oppose them?

– Yes, we will.

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