Match № 7

The match № 7, group D, second tournament day

UKRAINE – TURKEY 0:1 (0:0)

January 4th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Nikolay Voloshin, Konstantin Averianov, Pavel Novikov

Ukraine: Soldatenko, Kuksenko, Luchkevych, Dushyn, Kvych, Stefurak (Medved, 46), Byesyedin, Zotko, Shtanenko, Luk'yanchuk, Klots (Klak, 46)

Head coach: Aleksandr Golovko

Turkey: Demir An., Unver, Ozer, Tuzcu (Bilem, 46), Altintas, Aydin (c), Demir Ar. (Zengin, 70), Kilic (Camoglu, 46), Сınar, Sucsuz (Okutan, 46), Erdogan (Vatansever, 80)

Head coach: Mehmet Hacioglu

Goal: Altintas (82)

Yellow cards: Luchkevych (10), Aydin (80)

Best players: Artem Byesedin, Furkan Emre Unver


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Ukraine Aleksandr Golovko:

– I want to congratulate the opponent with a good game and the victory. But I must mention that the draw would be more natural for this match.

– Are you satisfied with the play of your team?

– Yes and no. There are several reasons for it. We do not have the team that can be physically ready in January. This team is the third in this age in Ukraine. We could take only 3 players from main staff for this tournament. All the others are on the trialist. It is obvious that many players have nervousness.

– Your colleague, the head coach of Japan team, said that their secret is their game discipline and Asian football school. What football school do you prefer?

– I agree with this opinion. Every national team has its own style and school. For sure, there is a certain style in Ukrainian football. I want to express respect for the Japanese team. They made a wonderful team. As for our opponents – Turkish team, I will repeat it is a team of a high level but we didn't let them any advantage.

– The coaching staff of your team gave the title of the best player of the match to Artyom Besedin. Why?

– Artyom is one of the leaders of our team. Today he didn't show his best. The striker must score. He didn't score. Let's call this reward the advance for the future. I'm sure he will work it off.

Head coach of the team Ukraine Mehmet Hacioglu:

– It can be trivial, but it is true! I want to thank the organizers for the high level of competition, for line-up of the teams. I want to congratulate the Ukraine team. I agree with the Ukrainian coach, that the draw would be more natural today. But this is football, one mistake – one goal. Today the luck was on our side.

– What is your aim for the tournament?

– The aim is one and the same – victory in every match. On the other hand we must be realists. We have some problems in our team. I won't tell about all of them, only about obvious ones. We need to improve and make the defense line. A lot of attention we need to pay for the discipline. If we could solve it, this team will be able to play on any level. The nowadays aim is preparation for the U-19 competitions.

– How difficult is it for you to play on artificial pitch?

– There are some inconveniences, we didn't play on such pitches with this age of players.

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