Match № 6

The match № 6, group C, second tournament day


January 4th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Artur Karimov, Manin Alexey, Ivan Guriev

Greece: Kotsaris, Saliakas (c), Toufas, Oikonomou, Gialamidis (Ktistopoulos, 46), Tzanoulinos, Fasidis (Kanavetas, 46), Margaritis (Piastopoulos, 76), Koulouris, Neumann, Tsolakidis (Vasaitis, 55)

Head coach: Theodoros Pachatouridis

Azedrbaijan: Gasimov, Mammadov, Khakimov, Madatov (Jabrailov, 90), Hashimli (c) (Kama, 86), Muradbayli, Ibazada (Safarzade, 46), Jafarov, Mammadov (Zamanov, 69), Felek, Mustafazade

Head coach: Adam Nikolai

Goals: Mammadov (43), Koulouris (90)

Yellow cards: Toufas (32), Neumann (90), Saliakas (90)

Red card: Vasaitis (70)

Best players: Efthymios Koulouris, Elnur Jafarov


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Greece Theodoros Pachatouridis:

– In general there are good emotions from this game, but if we were more determined in some moments the final score would be different. But, I'm satisfied with the game.

– In the second half you substituted several players, changed the scheme of play and positions on the pitch. Did it mean that your planning failed or you just tried to get the result by any means?

– During the interval we changed a bit the scheme of the game, indeed. And I think it helped us, for we attacked more in the second half and we could hold the initiative. But I want to stress that the goal of the tournament is to see the real condition of the team, to see the players on the field.

– Both teams had an advantage in different halves. What did they lack to gain victory, team Greece in the first half and team Azerbaijan in the second half?

– Right, we had an advantage in the first half, but we lacked accurate completion of the attacks and quick decisions sometimes. We lacked taking right decisions. And in the second half, especially when we played ten, we had only a couple of attacks. Yet finally we managed to level the score, and this was the result of operative actions.

– Two years ago team Greece showed rather poor results at the tournament, and last year they performed better. What are the goals for this year?

– I'm glad you noticed the progress. We perform better from year to year and our goal is to keep the progress. What for this tournament, the goal is to watch the players and to take the highest possible place.

– In the course of the match at least two players from each team could be distinguished. Whom of the opponents can you point up?

– I'll mark that all the players of Azerbaijan fought to the end, but I would distinguish number 8 (Mirkamil Hashimli).

Head coach of the team Azerbaijan Adam Nikolai:

– First of all, I want to thank the organizers of this tournament – such possibility to cooperate and talk with other teams, not only on the pitch, but even in the hotel is really fantastic. Talking about the match, you can't be enthusiastic after getting the goal on last minutes. But we had a good match and I'm very proud of my players, I'm proud of our game with Greece, that is a big football country. And moreover I'm proud that my team didn't get yellow cards in this match at all.

– Was it useful to delay time during the second half, may be it was the reason of the conceded goal on the last seconds?

– To my mind we didn't delay time, but if there was any delaying, it was because of obvious reasons. There is a referee on the pitch, who adds extra time, so he did it.

– Your team is smart and technically skilled, but in some moments there was a feeling that players overperfom. Is their technics an advantage or a problem? Maybe you want them to play more as a team and not individual?

– I work with the best players of Azerbaijan, and the times when this game was only for tall and physically strong guys have passed away. We are looking for all-round development and this is our main aim.

– But there were moments when your players could play with the team and not individually, not for the audience, but more rational. Do you like it?

– Can you tell me what exact player you are talking about?

– For example, number 20.

– To my mind he played for the team and all my players had a team play.

I can add that we failed two scoring moments. If we could use these chances it would have been the certain victory.

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