Match № 3

The match № 3, group stage, first tournament day


January 3rd, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 350 spectators

Referees: Ivan Saraev, Ivan Kichimasov, Vladislav Lyashko

Slovenia: Sorchan, Primc, Kumer, Zupanc (c), Taneski, Ojbolt (Vokich, 54), Lorbek (Jugovar, 79), Gajich (Adamich, 46), Krivichich (Vidovich, 68), Petrovchich (Plavschich, 46), Nemanich (Poljanec, 65)

Head coach: Gliha Primoj

Estonia: Karofeld, Mjagi (Pjurg, 52), Reintal, Kuusk, Juha, Shlein (Kaldma, 73), Ivanov (Jakovlev, 61), Ainsalu, Jarva (Shkinjov, 61), Sappinen (c), Riiberg (Paavo, 90)

Head coach: Marko Lelov

Goals: Jarva (45), Primc (79)

Yellow cards: Kumer (9), Lorbek (32), Taneski (45), Poljanec (72), Juha (85)

Red card: Kumer (17, 2nd yellow card)

Best players: Rauno Sappinen, Matic Zupanc


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Slovenia Gliha Primoj:

– It was very difficult game. We played 10 for 11 more than seventy minutes. I do not want to discuss referee's decisions, my task is to keep my players up inspire them in spite of anything.

– What problems did you have because of the red card?

– You know, it is strange but the absence of one player helped us. We got big experience of play 10 for 11, we started to press and attack sharper. It was a good and useful practice.

– Your players were exhausted. It was obvious that the captain of your team nearly walk on the field. Is it a problem with physics?

– We just started our trainings after the break. The championship has ended on 25th of November. We can't even mention now our fitness. But my opinion is so: if you are professional, if you come with the national team – you must show your best, work till the very end without any excuse.

Head coach of the team Estonia Marko Lelov:

– We couldn't expect the game to follow such a scenario. You can believe that playing with the benefit of majority is easier. Maybe it must be so. However, I think the final score corresponds to to the game. Both teams had chances, both teams could score.

– Has the red cards for the Slovenians helped you?

– I think the red card that was shown to our opponents played a bad joke with us. Our players are 17, and they are not mentally strong enough. Many of them decided that the victory had already been provided. They eased up. It was luck that there was a goal in the end of the first half. Generally, I completely agree with my colleague: one has to struggle in every situation! That's the only way to grow into a real professional.

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