Published on Sunday, 03 January 2016

raz 1061The tournament is officially opened!

Valentin Granatkin Memorial official opening ceremony was held in St. Petersburg Sport and Concert Complex between the second and the third matches.

Yury Avdeev, the Member of St. Petersburg Government, the Head of St. Petersburg Committee for sport, Alexander Alaev, the General Director of the Football Union of Russia, Pavel Ozhgikhin, the Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Football Federation and Anatoly Zinchenko, the General Director of the St. Petersburg Football Federation have all addressed the spectators with warm welcoming words.

After the colorful introduction of the participating teams, the right of the first ceremonial kick-off was given to Anatoly Zinchenko, the first ever foreign player in the history of the Soviet and Russian football who officially opened the competition with the burst of applause from the crowd of fans to follow.

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Официальные партнеры Российского футбольного союза / Official partners of the Football Union of Russia

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Официальные партнеры турнира / Official partners of the tournament 

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