Published on Sunday, 11 January 2015

After two years Russian team has returned the title of the best team on the tournament!

There was closing ceremony after the final match of XXVII Valentin Granatkin Memorial and awarding ceremony for the winners and prize holders.

The winners in different individual nominations were: The best goalkeeper – Mikhail Kizeev (St. Petersburg), The best defender – Dmitriy Skopintsev (Russia), The best midfielder – Koji Miyoshi (Japan), The best forward – Nikolay Kipiani (Russia), The best goal-scorer – Kang Jihun (Korea Republic) and The best player of the tournament – Kim Daewon (Korea Republic).

         Individual nominations

2015 gk 2015 def 2015 midf
Kizeev Mikhail Skopintsev Dmitriy Miyoshi Koji
- - -
2015 forw 2015 scor 2015 play
Kipiani Nikolay Kang Jihun Kim Daewon

Photo-icon-h24 Photo of the closing ceremony >>>

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