Published on Saturday, 28 December 2013


GRC coach

Head Coach of Greece
Theodoros Pachatouridis

1. How long do you work with this team?

I’m working with this team over the last two years.

2. What are your accomplishments?

So far, this team has participated in the qualifying round of 2012-2013 U-17 European Championship.

3. Have you heard about Granatkin Memorial before?

I’m familiar with this Tournament, since this is the 3rd consequent year that the Greek Team has been invited and participated to the event and for me this is my second participation.

4. What are your goals for this tournament?

As this team is being prepared to become the next U-19 Greek National Team, we wish that this tournament will offer the players the opportunity to gain valuable experiences. On a personal level, I will definitely be assisted by this tournament in order to obtain a clear view of our abilities and adjust our future plans accordingly. As far as the tournament itself is concerned, I hope that we will reach the top positions.

5. Will you be able to assemble the strongest possible team?

This is always a main goal of ours and this is what we will do on this occasion too.

6. Are you informed about your opponents?

I have information on some of our opponents and now I find out for the others.

7. Have you been to Saint Petersburg?

Yes, I have been to Saint Petersburg last year.

8.What can you say about the city?

I’m familiar with the history and the magnitude of the city and I’m quite thrilled that I will have the chance to visit it once more.

9. Would you like and will you be able to see something, besides the football?

Other than myself, this applies also to my players; we will definitely spare some time in order to feel the flavor of life in Saint Petersburg and visit some of the must see landmarks. Hermitage Museum will absolutely be on the top of our list.

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