January 12th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 5200 spectators

Best players: Janez Pisek, Daniil Penchikov

Post match comments


Igor Benedejcic, Head coach of team Slovenia:

– I want to thank the organizers. We were here last year and we are completely satisfied with everything. Everything is perfect. And as for the match, we had a good play today, especially in the first half. And we must have been lucky in the second.

– Do you plan to come to St. Petersburg to take part in Valentin Granatkin Memorial further on? And if it is not you to lead the team then will you be recommending the tournament to your colleagues?

– We have been preparing carefully for every match on this tournament and we have played it well. We will surely recommend it to our colleagues and we would like to come here next year.

– Does your team often have a chance to play so much in defense as today in the second half of the final?

– To tell the truth, we are not satisfied with the actions of our team in the second half. And though we understand that this was the fifth match in a short period of time and the team was tired, but they can play better.

– Could the fact that you had one game less and that you had a bit more time to recover influence today's freshness of your team? You've played your semifinal earlier than the opponent.

Vladimir Kazachionok: May I answer? It could have influenced but it didn't.

– We agree that after the intensive match against team Russia the team of St. Petersburg may have had quite little energy for a game today. And we had sufficient motivation. This was the final. This is the first final for the guys, so there was enough motivation.


Vladimir Kazachionok, Head coach of team St. Petersburg:

– This was a real final. I thanked the players for the tournament, for their dedication that they showed here. Of course, it's a pity we did not win. But we simply lacked experience of international matches. It is that tiny thing that influences the game.

– You said this team would live for just a month. Do you regret this?

– I can answer with the words of a cinema character: What can you do? Of course, I regret. It's my team in the end. You need to love your players. You fall in love with the players during this month and it's a pity you have to leave them. We try to stay in touch, to call each other, to have a talk and to play football at times.

– Ivan Obliakov was not shining on the pitch today. Do you agree with this? And if you do, then what is the reason?

– Yes, he was not as bright as in the previous matches. But I'd like to underline that it's Slovenia that was better prepared. They are experienced and understand each other better. They have likely analyzed our play and tried to get Obliakov "closed". And they managed in a way. The rest were not that bright because of the fatigue. We had a splendid match yesterday, having won with a big score. And even though I told the folks to forget it and save emotions for the final, it seems they were unable to get it and did not have enough left.

– Six matches and a month with a team is a lot for 17-year-olds. Have they made any step forward?

– I hope, they have. Playing in such a tournament is an opportunity for each one to become stronger and to see how the real men are fighting.

– It's the second time when your team played in the final match and lost. When should we expect a win from team St. Petersburg?

– Next year, I hope.

– Valery Kaptilov was announced the best defender of the tournament and he's representing a football school of Dynamo. At the same time the majority of players in team St. Petersburg come from Zenit Academy or Zenit SCYSSOR. Will you continue inviting players from other sports schools of the city?

– As a rule, we have players representing schools other than Zenit Academy or SCYSSOR on each tournament. The team is gathered following the principle when the best get a chance to play.

– So has this player won competition against others playing on this position?

– Of course.

– How is it possible to find energy for the final after a bright semifinal and an awesome win?

– This is final and you don't need to aim your players at anything. The score of a semifinal is not important. It can be 5:1 or 6:1, it does not matter. The game today and now – this is what's important.


#35 Slovenia - Saint Petersburg

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