January 11th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 3500 spectators

Best players: Semen Matvijchuk, Leon Musaev

Post match comments


Mihail Galaktionov, Head coach of team Russia:

– I congratulate our competitors and colleagues, team St. Petersburg, with an impressing victory! We surely realized that we have newcomers in our team who need to be watched. But at the same time we didn't do such a hard work taking this team and qualifying to the World and European Championships, just to spoil our reputation now. Of course we will make conclusions, for we have many questions to ourselves as well.

– You are evidently disappointed. Can you say who will follow you further and who is going to leave your team?

– There's no use to tell the names now. We'll have a friendly match against the team of Holland. Then we will announce the list.

– What were you talking about with the guys during a half-time?

– I don't think I have to repeat it literally. We, the coaches, were trying to find the right words. Because we saw that with the score 0:3 our guys were completely lost. These three goals came in 6 minutes. Even an adult team would "melt" in this case. We needed to bring the players back to the game. And we realized it would be difficult.

– Is the support of the stands very important for you?

– Support is always pleasant. You see, until this match we were playing as a home team. The stands were supporting us. Naturally, today the situation was reverse, for we played in St. Petersburg and our opponents were a team of local players. But that's not the main thing. The main thing is that the support must be objective. The guys may have done something wrong but the spectators support them all the same. This team has existed for a long time already. They have gained a good reputation. And I wouldn't like one game to turn the reputation of our team upside down!

– Did you like anybody from the team of St. Petersburg?

– I think it's not correct to name or highlight somebody. We have to let the guys have a quiet preparation for tomorrow's final. Surely there are players who we liked. But those have been noted before. Some of them we didn't call to the team of Russia purposefully, knowing that they will play for St. Petersburg. Our goal is to look at as many players as possible: some in the team of Russia and some in the team of St. Petersburg. Anyway, all Russian players have and will have a chance to get into an extended team list.


Vladimir Kazachionok, Head coach of team St. Petersburg:

– I'd like to congratulate our folks with a win! A lot has worked out well today. I am at a loss for words. Everything they had they left on the pitch. Good job!

– Have you kept in mind a tomorrow's difficult and responsible game during the course of this match?

– What's the sense of thinking about the next match, when the current one is still going on? Only when I hear a final whistle can I start to prepare for the next stage.

– You've made many substitutions during this game and the previous ones, but you never replace your goalkeeper. Why so?

– It's very simple. I don't like to switch goalkeepers.

– Is this you credo as a coach?

– No, actually. When everything is going right, it's important not to spoil anything!

– What do you think about your opponent in Granatkin Memorial final game?

– Slovenia is a very good team. They got to the final. And tomorrow we shall see who is stronger and more cool-headed.


#31 Russia – Saint Petersburg


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