RUSSIA – MOLDOVA 1:1 (1:1)

January 7th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1500 spectators

Best players: Denis Adamov, Iasir Turcan

Post match comments

Mihail Galaktionov, Head coach of team Russia:

– Good evening, everybody! I will briefly share my impressions about the game. The final score totally reflects the game. We did not play well enough to win today. I would not like to get into details, but there are some reasons. Several players got minor injuries and we had to give them some time to recover in order to count on them further on.

– We would not like to trouble the wound, but we discussed with you last time that previous high score wins could make the players relaxed...

– We spoke with the players a number of times reminding about this. But probably the psychology of the youth makes them hope they can outplay the other team simply because their class is better.

– If you analyze the opponent, where would you say they brought the most troubles?

– We were preparing for the game watching videos. We knew that Moldova is a strong team physically, that they play a strict and in some way simple football. But unfortunately we were unable to pass through their defense today, unable to trick them, and that's where I see the biggest difficulty.

– Today is the fifth day of the tournament. Has your opinion on the tournament favorite changed?

– I don't discuss our competitors. But I would like to highlight teams of Slovakia, Saint Petersburg, Japan despite the absence of good results and, of course, Finland. All the teams are very well organized and everyone plays good "adult" football!

Veaceslav Rusnac, Head coach of team Moldova:

– Hello everybody! First I'd like to wish a merry Orthodox Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. For us this holiday is one of the most important. I wish everybody health and good luck in the New Year! Speaking about the game, it was very difficult for us today: the opponent was skillful and we were not completely recovered. But at the same time we were quite confident in defense, and we were quite good attacking. We had moments, and with the 1:1 score we could have scored again, but we were not lucky: first the ball hit the bar and then we missed the goals on the rebound.

– Your team is rather stable in the standings...

– Yes, we've been playing only draws on the tournament – first 2:2, then 0:0, and now 1:1. But while the first two games had very little for me to be happy about, this time I am content with my players' actions. I congratulate them!

– You haven't changed your starting lineup. Does it mean that in the beginning of the match we see your first team?

– Well, I would say, for the team formation which we've chosen for the moment those guys fit best of all.

– In the middle of the second half you substituted one of the leaders. Was he injured?

– You mean Stina? I substituted him because of the fatigue. He was pressed very much by a Russian defender. Victor is a strong and creative player, he plays well one on one, but he needs freedom and space. And when one or two players are playing against him pressing him toughly he runs out of energy.

– Looking at you one can think that it were you who played more than 90 minutes. How much time do you need to recover?

– I recover quickly. I called home, talked to my family, and am ready to fight again!

– Can you name the weakest sides of your team?

– The weakest is our defense. We have only four defenders. God help us from losing somebody due to an injury, we are lost in this case. We'll need to "patch holes" training players of other positions. And this problem is not just of this moment. We generally have defenders deficit of this age in our country. Older or younger teams have problems in offense and midfield, and it's otherwise with us.

#17 Moldova – Russia

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