Estonia – Moldova

Group B, 03.01.2016, 12:00

Best players: Martin Kaos, Victor Stina

Post match comments

Marko Lelov, Head coach of team Estonia:


– Good morning! We had a difficult game today. It’s January the 3rd, and it’s morning. Not everyone managed to wake up. That’s why we had such a crumpled start. We conceded a goal in the very beginning of the match. We, the coaches, could not awaken energy in the players, and they kept it inside. Certainly, it’s a pity we were asleep during the first minutes. But we’re happy we managed to level up the game. So overall I am positive about the game and the result.


– What’s your goal for the tournament?


– We don’t have a certain goal set. We have a desire – to become stronger from match to match. We want to make our players prepared for the upcoming season. Though, in fact, I really think that some day we can win Valentin Granatkin Memorial. Some day it should happen! Compared to last year, our team has significantly renewed. But we also have several footballers who played here before. Unfortunately, they couldn’t show their best today. And I am counting on their experience still.


Veaceslav Rusnac, Head coach of team Moldova:


– Good afternoon! First, I want to thank the organizers for the interesting and useful tournament. As for the game, it was a bright one. I am sure the spectators on the stands were not bored. Today the teams showed a high level of play with lots of struggling and emotions. It was our first game in this lineup. Many guys have just heard of their team mates, but have never seen each other in person. And despite of it, I am confident that my team will be improving.


– Is this year lineup optimal for you?


– It’s hard to decide, we’ll see. But there were certain difficulties. Our country is not too big, and we don’t have a wide choice. Some players are playing abroad, and their clubs didn’t let them go to this tournament. There were other problems, too. For example, because all the players are under 18 we can take them here only by a letter of attorney from their parents. But many families left to celebrate the New Year and we didn’t manage to get the required documents. However, we had a possibility to watch the reserve team. Before each game we set the winning mood! I think the coaches who say that result is not important are not quite honest. You see, there is a saying “If the result is not important, be prepared to be fired”!


– How would you describe today’s game in general?


– We had more chances, than the opposing side. But we lacked good last touch. More importantly I see the players’ eyes shining. They are prepared psychologically and we’ll improve the skills. I am also still learning. The job of a national team coach is an honor, but it’s still somewhat new to me. It’s very different. I see players every day in the club, whereas here I see many for the first time.

Estonia - Moldova highlights

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