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Published on Tuesday, 03 January 2012

The match №20 for 4th and 5th places, fifth tournament day.

Chez Republic – St. Petersburg 1:1 (pen.: 3:4)

January 10th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 600 spectators.

Judges: Trishin, Milyuchenko, Mamoiko

Czech Republic: Kolagh, Karafiat (Studeny, 39), Nerad (Shevchik, 46), Hybl, Chermak (C), Salashovich, Yulish (Lyuftner, 82) Svoboda (El'ash, 68), Travnik, Ful'nek (Cherny, 28), Shterba (Khoholoushek, 46),

Head coach: Caplar Josef

St.Petersburg: Tsvetkov (C), Terent'ev, Chistyakov, Krichmar, Ivanov (Drozhin, 66), Nedalyga, Kireenko (Pinchyk, 82; Mikhailov, 68), Efimov, Smirnov, Tundenkov, Kartashov

Head coach: Kazachenok Vladimir

Goals: Kireenko (25), Shevchik (90+)

Yellow cards: Shterba (38), Pinchyk (53), Efimov (81), Krichmar (88), Drozhin (90+), Lyuftner (90+)

Best players: Shevchik, Tsvetkov


Head coach of Czech Republic team Caplar Josef:

- Actually, I am happy with my sportsmen, and the game throughout the tournament. Total impression is a little worse because of today's match. Team played well – we scored on the last minute. I think out opponents pretended a little more, sometimes delayed time, and played more in defense. I do not understand that philosophy. It could be a philosophy of adult teams playing in European clubs but not a philosophy of youth teams. Young sportsmen should be more exited.

Head coach of Russian team Kazachenok Vladimir:

- "Do not abusea pianist - he plays as best as he can." So they played, as they could. I agree with my colleague, is unpleasant to with "Team #2" that plays only in defense, not showing a bright game. But we had no other choice. On faculty before the match, I said to my team that they have a certain level. They must keep it. If you manage to keep it today it will be just great. But sometimes there are the marches like this. You have to survive, to play till the end, and to endure.

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