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Published on Tuesday, 03 January 2012

The match № 18 play-off, fourth tournament day.

Russia – Finland 1:1 (4:5)

January 8th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 3800 spectators.

Judges: Polyakov, Mamoyko, Bolshakov

Russia: Fedorov (Shafinskiy, 90), Ovsyannikov, Samsonov, Bavin (с), Leont'ev (Zuev, 73), Panukov (Zobnin, 81), Usov (Seredin, 70), Selishev (Manzon, 61), Morozov, Lobanov, Moreis.

Head coach: Vladimir Sherbak

Finland: Kollar, Nurmos, Rannikko, Hatakka (с), Ojala, Klinga, (Gronroos, 54), Aspegren, Voutilainen (Skrabb, 63), Aaltonen, Brechtel, Wentin (Tynkkynen, 63)

Head coach: Kimmo Lipponen

Goals: Wentin (10), Samsonov pen. (33)

Yellow cards: Ojala (44), Hatakka (55), Aaltonen (59)

Best players: Lobanov, Ojala



Head coach Russia Vladimir Sherbak :

- We couldn't get the desired result today. But, in comparison with the first match we have improved our play. Our combinations became better. The series of penalty shots – it is always a lottery. By the way it is not the fail of our goalkeeper, but we couldn't score. If we did it, he would surely save one strike. Our team and Finland squad are in the equal conditions, so I won't complain the schedule of matches. We came with more than eleven players and we had enough substitutions. We don't have enough experience, international experience. When we play 15 matches – I hope we'll get it by the end of the year.

Head coach of Finland Kimmo Lipponen:

- We are fortunate in penalty shots today. It is rather luck than tactics. We are not so strong as Russian team, so I think - we are lucky. Russian national team has really professional players like #15 and #10. It was hard to resist them. Tomorrow we will start preparation for the final match, but now my sportsmen need rest. I know our next opponent. It is a very strong contender.

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