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Match №11

The match №11, Group B, third tournament day.

Finland – St.Petersburg 0:2

January 7th, 2012, SCC Petersburgsky, 2 500 spectators.

Judges: Trishin, Bolkhovitin, Milyuchenko

Finland: Koskiranta, Levanen, Mero, Hatakka (C), (Rannikko, 46), Ojala (Brechtel, 46), Klinga (Aspegren, 62), Pasanen, Gronroos (Saari, 46), Tynkkynen, Voutilainen, Wentin (Aaltonen, 61)

Head coach: Lipponen Kimmo

St.Petersburg: Tsvetkov (C), Terent'ev, Chistyakov, Krichmar, Tundenkov, Ivanov, Lysenkov (Smirnov, 64), Kireenko (Mikhailov, 82), Kartashov, Efimov (Zaharyan, 90), Nedalyga

Head coach: Kazachenok Vladimir

Goals: Kartashov (56), Smirnov (65)

Yellow cards: Voutilainen (21), Н Nedalyga (29), Krichmar (31), Terent'ev (56), Kartashov (78), Tynkkynen (90), Efimov (90)

Best players: Voutilainen, Kartashov


Head coach of Finland team Lipponen Kimmo:

- In this game more than ever, we made many mistakes, including terrible mistake of goalkeeper. It led to the second goal. We went out to play, with a large advantage due to victory over Azerbaijan. It has allowed me to release on the experimental team structure. Maybe it was a cruel joke. More over I let on the field a little late Aspegren and Aaltonen who are the leaders of the team. Nevertheless, we came out of the group from the first place.

Head coach of St.Petersburg team Kazachenok Vladimir:

- Today's game was made entirely of mistakes! The one who makes fewer mistakes - wins. Of course, I am happy with the result. Comparing to the previous match I saw a desire to play in the eyes of my players. As I said at the last press-conference these guys have something to prove for themselves at first. If they do not in National team of Russia yet, play for saint-Petersburg and seize the chance to be noticed. All sportsmen are under 19, their career is about to begin.


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