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Match №8

The match №8, Group B, second tournament day.

Azerbaijan - St. Petersburg 2:1

January 5th, 2012, SCC Peterburgsky, 3 000 spectators.

Judges: Zlygostev, Sukhorenok, Runov

Azerbaijan: Azirov, Abbasov, Gumbatov, Ismailov (Jamaladdinov, 68), Yusifov, Bayramov, Aleskerov (Mamadli, 90), Badalov (Masimov, 75), Isayev (Nasirli, 56), Aliyev (Abdullayev, 80), Salahli.

Head coach: Velli Kasumov

St. Petersburg: Tsvetkov, Terent'ev, Chistyakov (Pinchyk, 90), Krichmar, Tundenkov, Ivanov (Mikhailov, 68), Elin (Zaharyan, 74) Lysenkov (Nedalyga, 68), Kireenko, Kartashov, Efimov.

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Goals: Yusifov (45) – penalty, Nasirli (62), Efimov (70)

Yellow cards: Yusifov (70), Terent'ev (87), Abbasov (90+)

Best players: Salahli, Efimov


Head coach of Azerbaijan Velli Kasimov:

Today I was thinking about more substitutions in case of two matches in two days and also let all players to get on the field. I also had a conversation with my team about yesterday's 0:7 VS Finland team. I think it worked. After the first time there was my disposal to sportsmen - punch the gate in any situation. There was little room to maneuver, so they had strike more often. Positive moments of a match are two goals; negative moment is one missed goal.

Head coach of the St. Petersburg Vladimir Kazachenok:

In the first half there was an element of intimidation. We talked during the break. Slightly calmed down, started to play and began to run. Sometimes sportsman played along, mostly substitutes. But it was a combat game, just like the whole tournament. There were moments of good play, there were moments of bad. The one mistaken will lose. We made just one more mistake that the rival had. Have been losing ball really often - it's a minus. Actually there were a lot of minuses. Sportsmen didn't punch the gate really often, because very few of them know how to do it. The strike must be trained long and hard, but players sometimes do not want to do it. However, we fought, and team was not indifferent on the field. But before match with Finland, I can surely say they must be afraid of us!

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