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Match № 5

Match №5, the group D, second tournament day.

Latvia – Turkey 0:7

January 5th, 2012, SCC Petersburgsky, 300 spectators.

Judges: Borisov, Anoshin, Miroshnichenko

Latvia: Potapenko (Oshs, 46), Shlamps, Flaksis, Plendishskis, Barinovs, Besperstovs (Vasilevs, 70), Shadchins (Malbardis, 73), Mickelson, Shaban (Blums, 61), Regzha (Svarups, 46), Punctuls.

The head coach: Blagonadezhdins Olegs

Turkey: Ozviit Kemal, Aksoy, Ceylan (Gular, 69), Veliolu (Bardakchi, 46), Chalik, Chaatay, Ary (Gekselolu, 46), Bulge, Unsal (Karaman, 46), Niaz (Eildirim, 49), Shaahin (Eminoolu, 60).

The head coach: Ichar Feyyaz

Goals: Veliolu (4), Niaz (9), Unsal (10), Ary (34), Unsal (35), Shaahin (39), Karaman (64)

Yellow cards: Barinovs (8), Shaban (58), Svarups (86)

Best players: Mickelson, Niaz


Head coach of the Latvian Olegs Blagonadezhdins:

First of all I want to congratulate the Turkish team with a victory. Scoring six goals in the first time - tell a lot. We did not have the same concentration that Turkish team had. Although I have no complains to practically all sportsmen from my team. We may start talking about being tired, but even those sportsmen who have played both games, did not fall down from exhaustion. We were strongly hit with the first very fast three missed goals. After that, my team had a hard time.

Head coach of Turkish team Ichar Feyyaz:

For us, this is a very good start. We assembled the team only on January 1st 2012 and this is our first victory! Perhaps opponents from Latvian team could be tired because they played yesterday. I am happy for my guys. I can't even identify the best goal out of all seven goals. I played forward myself, so I like all goals here, but the best ... probably the first goal of my team!!! Our players live in Germany, Belgium and even in England, but we want them all to play in the national team of Turkey. We try bringing them together. However all sportsmen have their right to choose any team they to play with!

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