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Match № 4

Match №4, group B, the first round.

Russia – Lithuania 1:1

January 4th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky. 3000 spectators.

Judges: Chernov, Manin, Kichimasov.

Russia: Fedorov, Costin (Morozov, 46), Ovsyannikov, Khomuha, Samsonov, Zuev, Bavin (Selishchev, 57), Leontiev (Manzon, 62), Galanov (Lobanov, 46), Panyukov, Usov (Korobov, 69).

The head coach: Scherbak Vladimir.

Lithuania: Suvayzdis, Petrauskas, Alyaksandryavichus, Artimavichyus, Cherkauskas, Strolis (Yuditskas, 35), Krasnovskis (Sirgedas, 74), Narbutas (Mikutavichus, 55), Kazlauskas (Razyunas, 90), Spalvis (Breyve, 55), Galdikas.

The head coach: Vingilis Antanas.

Goals: Samsonov (8), Kazlauskas (81)

Yellow cards: Homuha (21), Spalvis (31), Kazlauskas (37), Artimavichyus (45), Zuev (45), Panyukov (60), Alyaksandryavichus (86).

Best players: Samsonov, Alyaksandryavichus


Head coach of Russian team Scherbak Vladimir:

-We were getting ready for the tournament; we know our rivals well enough. They are professionals for their age. But we didn't played good enough to win today. Results are not satisfied for coaches, our mistakes were visible, and it must be analyzed. Sportsmen just came from the vacations, and the opponent was very good and strong. Let me mention - there was no underestimation among players. The result is by the game but if the opponent wins - it wouldn't be a surprise for us. The result that doesn't make us happy, gives us a hope for further progress.

Head coach of Lithuanian team Vingilis Antanas:

-First of all I want to thank for the invitation to participate in the tournament. It's useful; it's a great experience for us. In 2013, the U-19 tournament will be held in Lithuania. We consider our participation in Memorial as a stage of preparation. Concerning the march: Russian team totally beat us in the first half. But in the second was one of the best times of our team. I am happy with the results. We must try to win, but I'm satisfied. Indeed we started with a 0:9 with the Belgian team, and now we improve.

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