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Match № 3

Match №3, group B, the first round.

Finland – Azerbaijan 7:0

January 4th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky. 1200 spectators.

Judges: Chernov, Manin, Kichimasov.

Finland: Collar, Nurmos (Pasanen, 71), Rannikko, Hatakka, Oyala (Vohtilainen, 68), Klinga (Levanen, 68), Scrubb (Grenrus, 60), Saari, (Ventin, 60), Aspegren, Aaltonen (Tunkunnen, 60), Brehtel.

The head coach: Kimmo Lipponen.

Azerbaijan: Balaev, Humbatov, Yusibov, Bayramov (Aliev, 56), Aleskerov, Badalov (Masimov, 46), Abdullaev,Musaev, Nasirli, (Abbasov,75) Jamaleddin (Ismailov, 68 ), Salahly.

The head coach: Veli Kasimov.

Goals: Aaltonen (21), Klinga (51), Scrabb (58), Ventin (66), Grenrus (73, 75, 82)

Yellow cards: Bairamov (25), Gumbatov (52).

Red cards: Musaev (20)

Best players: Aspegren, Yusibov


Head coach of Finland Kimmo Lipponen:

-Every time we come to the Valentin Granatkin Memorial we always struck by the size and super organization of competition. This year, there are certain changes in the structure of the tournament and I think Memorial only acquired in its competition program. To speak about the first results after the match, in my own opinion, the judge lost his temper in an episode with a red card. Sending off Azerbaijan sportsman played a key role in this match.

Head coach of Azerbaijan Veli Gasimov:

-Team of Finland is a very strong contender. But we could play with them much better without red card of Musaev. I think that the judge had no serious cause for sending off our player. Well, after that ... The audience wanted a beautiful football spectacle. Finland team performed it by themselves. Of course, the result 0:7 is very frustrating, but, as my coach told me: "It is better to lose once 0:7 than 0:1 for seven times". Our country is not large enough to have a wide selection of young players. At this point, we have what we have.

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