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Match № 2

Match №2, group C, the first round.

Italy – Ukraine 5:0

On January, 4th, 2012, St.-Petersburg, SCC Petersburgsky, 800 spectators.

Judges: Saraev, Milyuchenko, Bolshakov

Italy: Kranio (Ricci, 81), Amegra (Sanseverino, 79), Lanchini (Murry, 58), Ratto (Ricci, 72), Rugani, Pyana (Macaroni, 79), Benassi, Padovan (Bernardeski, 79), Passa, Tempesti (Rodzi, 58), Garritano.

The head coach: Alberiko Evani

Ukraine: Buschan (Ivanov, 85), Duts, Tokar (Iosha, 46), Miroshnik, Petryak (Khlebas. 67), Vasilev (Chachya, 46), Andrievsky (Mishnev, 58), Luchik, Hoblenko (Kozlovskiy, 67), Grishin (Gemega, 58), Shekel.

The head coach: Yury Moroz

Goals: Padovan (3), Garritano (53), Benassi (64), Padovan (75), Garritano (80).

Yellow cards: Lanchini (15), Garritano (19), Miroshnik (33), Pyana (37), Kpzlovskiy (90)

The best players: Padovan, Petryak


Head coach of Italian team Alberiko Evani:

- We already played with Ukrainian team for two times and lost in both matches. Therefore here in Russia we tried our best to win. We knew that we will play against a strong football team. The main difference between past matches and today's game is that we have scored a fast first goal and kept on scoring. I am happy with game of my sportsmen at all. Ten players from prewsent team played in SCC Petersburgsky last year. They were younger, now have grown up. Received experience from last year was really useful for them.

Head coach of Ukrainian team Yury Moroz:

- Italy deservedly won, but the match was divided into two parts: in the first we resisted and could play as equals, and in the second have collapsed at all. Our lines of attack and half-backs played well. But the defense line hasn't completed their tasks. There were huge problems in defense. We didn't score at all not because of absence of skills, but because of absence of luck. It was completely on the part of Italy. Though the first time of match was pleasant to me, but for today, 4th January, 2012 we were unable to resist Italian team. But we tried.

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