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Match № 1

Match № 1, group D, the first round

Czech Republic – Latvia 2:0

On January, 4th, 2012, St.-Petersburg, Petersburg СКК, 500 spectators.

Judges: Lipovoy, Bolhovitin, Mamoiko

Czech Republic: Khoholoshek, Hibl, Chernak, Eljash, Julish, Travnik, Stydeniy (Karafyat, 43), Shterba, Zima, Shevnik, (Salashovich, 69), Cherny (Fulnek, 87)

The head coach: Tsaplar Yozef

Latvia: Potapenko, Flaksis, Shlampe, Plemdishkis, Barinovs, Shadchins, Mikelson, Shabala, Svarups (Vasilevs, 61), Blums (Puntsuls, 33).

The head coach: Blagonadezhdins Olegs

Goals: Chernak (25), Julish (87)

Yellow cards: Shevnik (34), Nerad (75), Shadchins (76), Shabala (90), Julish (87)

The best players: Travnik, Plemdishkis


Head coach of Czech Republic Tsaplar Yozef:

- First of all, I want to thank organizers of the tournament for the invitation, for Memorial itself, for tremendous conditions for competitions. Special thanks for players and trainers of Latvian team for beautiful football, correct game. Concerning the match I am happy with all. We have done a lot, have created a considerable quantity of scoring chances, and have made two goals. We are just getting together as a team. First time we gathered last Monday, and on Tuesday already flied to St.-Petersburg. There are two main aims for our team- to win and show qualitative football.

Head coach of Latvia Olegs Blagonadezhdins:

- It is very honorable for us to take part in such prestigious tournament. We started the preparation in the middle of December. So players have a mutual cooperation in the field. Also we can admit that the level of football players of Czech team is a little higher and individually they are stronger. So, here is the result. But we also had some goal moments. My players should work over the end of attacks, goal realizations. I hope for reinforcement when one of leading players, Regzha, will recover and will make our team stronger.

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