Match №23

The match №23 for 9th and 10th places, fifth tournament day.

Greece – Lithuania 0:2

January 10th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, "Zenit" sport games palace, 100 spectators.

Judges: Zlygostev, Bolshakov, Rodionov

Greece: Kontopidis, Polianidis (Soukias, 63), Papoutsogiannopoulos, Kantoutsis, Goutas, Siopis (C) (Сhoutesiotis E., 63), Panagiotoudis, Ioannidis (Mouzakitis, 70), Paliatsios (Giannitsanis, 63), Donis, Spanos (Papadimitriou, 70)

Head coach: Tsanas Konstantinos

Lithuania: Suvaizdis, Petrauskas, Aleksandravichus, Artimavichus (C), Cherkauskas, Krasnovskis (Judickas, 46), Narbutas, Spalvis (Sirgedas, 75), Skurdelis (Strolis, 63), Galdikas, Raziunas

Head coach: Vingilys Antanas

Goals: Raziunas (33), Narbutas (79)

Yellow cards: Cherkauskas, (36), Krasnovskis (39), Suvaizdis, (72), Narbutas (85)

Best players: Siopis, Galdikas


Head coach of Greek team Tsanas Konstantinos:

- Today it was one of the best games of our team in this tournament, despite that we've lost it. Throughout the match, the initiative belonged to our team, but we have committed some mistakes and as a result two balls "flew" into our gates. This is football - it happens. If we could realize at least a half of the dangerous moments, the score could have been different.

Head coach of Lithuanian team Vingilys Antanas:

- I would also say that today's match was the best in this tournament for my team. I hope we will leave a positive impression from the team after our departure from Russia. We have a long and laborious work. We decided to make one team from players of 1994 and 1995 and start preparing for the main tournament for us - the European Championship 2013.

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