Match №12

The match №12, Group A, third tournament day.

Russia - Belarus 4:1

January 7th, 2012, SCC Petersburgsky, 4 000 spectators.

Judges: Galimov, Anoshin, Miroshnichenko

Russia: Fedorov, Kostin, Ovsyannikov, Khomuha (Moreis, 56), Samsonov, Zuev (Lobanov, 69), Bavin, Leont'ev (Manzon, 64), Panukov (Korobov, 85), Selishev (Morozov, 90), Seredin (Usov, 78)

Head coach: Shcherbak Vladimir

Belarus: Vasilyuchek, Karpovich, Ighakovskiy, Zaleskiy (Evdokimov, 87), Shestilovskiy, Gyrenko (Zyl', 57), Dovgel' (Myrashko, 77), Belyavskiy, Shemryk, Zatenko, Savitskiy

Head coach: Miheev Valentin

Goals: Panukov (9), Savitskiy (26), Samsonov (33), Samsonov (72) - penalty

Yellow cards: Zuev (22), Zaleskiy (48)

Best players: Bavin, Belyavskiy


Head coach of Russian team Shcherbak Vladimir:

- Now we got a positive result. We had a strong opponent this time. I know this team because we have already played in Belarus within some championship. We will analyze the game we have played today and will make conclusions. But anyways we are in semifinal. I would not say anything about judging. Last time there were some mistakes in the work of judges. I wouldn't also comment it. The only thing I admit - they did not help us. Now we have to recover for the game VS Finland. I hope my sportsmen will not be in euphoria for a long time.

Head coach of Belarus team Miheev Valentin:

-The guys have performed a good game and achieved the main aim! And although I have warned the guys about Russian tactics (moving forward fast, using upper play, and long passing) we missed a goal in first 20 minutes. We are not physically strongest team that is why I want to train my sportsmen to play a combinational and smart football. I love that kind of game. We have several players who match my requirements: thinking and technical. I do not want to comment second and third missed goals. The fourth goal we scored due to our mistake. Sportsmen were simply tired. All in all it affected the game. Next match we'll play VS St. Petersburg. We need to watch the records and get ready.

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