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Group D

January 11th, 2017; Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, 300 spectators


Best players: Esmaeilzadehshahkola, Gnezda


Post match comments

Abas Chamanian, Head coach of team Iran:

– I’d like to start with compliments to the Granatkin Memorial organizing committee for a well-organized tournament. The match was a hard one, as Slovenian team is good from physical and technical points of view. We prepared a plan to fight against our opponent, and we fulfilled it in general. The only mistake led to goal conceding, so compared to our previous game that we played just after the long flight, I have to say that we recovered and felt much better. Taking into account Slovenian power, I conclude that my guys played well.

– Your team looked a bit tired after the first half. Are there any reasons for that?

– Our opponent played more offensively in the second half, so it became harder to play. But I also think that we took much ball control during the last fifteen minutes and leveled up the game.

– How will you comment on the situation when one of the team representatives approached one of the officials and touched him?

– The only thing that he wanted was to show how one of the Slovenian boys played against our guy. He did not mean anything personal with regard to the referee.

– A couple of your players were born in 2002 and they’re only fourteen years old. Why did you put them in the lineup?

– We have eight players born in 2001 or 2002, and as I previously said, our main task is to prepare for the Youth World Cup. We are working on our team work and improving all aspects of the game.

– Is it an unusual experience to play against a team from another part of the world?

– We appreciate the very idea of it, as it is vital to have an opportunity to play against European teams for the purposes of the Youth World Cup.


Igor Benedejčič, Head coach of team Slovenia:

– We played against a serious rival, whose forwards are very good. Unfortunately, my boys did not show their best today, and we will prepare better for the next match.

– Your midfielder Tomi Horvat who came off the substitutes’ bench contributed to the draw by scoring a goal. Was this the task you have set him?

– This a strong player, and we are glad that he distinguished himself today affecting the final score.

– We are used to the fact that the National team of Slovenia attacks successfully and scores a lot. Why does it seem that this year it’s harder for you to find the net?

– Unfortunately, our nine players did not make it to the tournament, and the overall quality level of substitutes is a bit lower. So we have a whole new team as a result.

– It appeared that there was not only happiness but also some critics on your bench after the goal scored by your team…

– I was criticizing players for their performance today, as I expected more to see from them, especially of their tactics.

– Is it an unusual experience to play against a team from another part of the world?

– That is a very interesting and rare occasion, and we are glad to have a chance to do it.





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