Match №24

The match №24 for 1st and 2nd places, fifth tournament day.

Italy – Finland 4:0

January 10th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 1500 spectators.

Judges: Sotnikov, Runov, Suharenok

Italy: Cragno, Ricci, Murru (Benassi, 88), Gatto, Rugani (C), Maccarone, Garritano (Bernardeschi, 70), Sanseverino (Allegra, 84), Padovan (Rozzi, 81), Pasa, Tempesti, (Lancini, 53)

Head coach: Evani Alberigo

Finland: Koskiranta, (Kollar, 46), Nurmos, Mero, Hatakka (C), (Rannikko, 51), Klinga (Wentin, 46), Pasanen (Ojala.46), Saari (Skrabb, 46), Aspegren, Gronroos (Tynkkynen, 79), Aaltonen, Brechtel (Voutilainen, 62)

Head coach: Lipponen Kimmo

Goals: Padovan (12), Garritano (35), Gatto, (46), Pasa (78)

Yellow cards: Murru (62)

Best players: Gatto, Brechtel


Head coach of Italian team Evani Alberigo:

- We come up to the tournament with a minimum quantity of trainings, but showed an excellent result. Guys managed to concentrate, to get together all their forces and skills. I could use only fourteen players out of 18, because three are injured, one was sent off. But they did more than I expected. I am really glad for Padovan as he admitted to be the best forward of tournament. By the way he played for the first time in this team. We took the leading position at the very first match with Ukraine. Matches with Greece, Turkey and Finland have shown that everything we did right.

Head coach of Finish team Lipponen Kimmo:

- Speaking about whole tournament let me admit good organization and hospitality. I worried a lot about my sportsmen. They finished their season in October, and will begin new one only in April. They suppose to have vacations now and I was afraid that someone could get injury and would not be able to recover. Fortunately nothing happened. After the game it is easy for us to discuss what was wrong. And now I would do other substitutions. But some players were slightly injured, and we did not dare to put them on start up, even though they really wanted to play.

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