Match №19

The match №19 for 7th and 8th places, fifth tournament day.

Ukraine – Belarus 1:1 (pen.: 5:4)

January 10th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 500 spectators.

Judges: Rushakov, Anoshin, Kichimasov

Ukraine: Bushan, Luchik, Miroshnik (Vasiliev, 52), Duts' (С), Tokar', Chachua, Meshn'ov, Gemega (Kozlovskiy, 83), Petryak, Andreevskiy (Grishin, 81), Khoblenko (Khl'obas, 61)

Head coach: Moroz Yuri

Belarus: Vasilyuchek, Karpovich, Ighakovskiy, Zaleskiy, Shestilovskiy (Sokol, 61), Gurenko (Mil'yanchenko, 72), Dovgel', Belyavskiy (С) (Evdokimov, 77), Shemruk, Zatenko, Savitskiy

Head coach: Mikheyev Valentine

Goals: Savitskiy (9, pen.), Kozlovskiy (89)

Yellow cards: Duts', (8), Belyavskiy (68)

Red cards: Zaleskiy (70)

Best players: Meshn'ov, Vasilyuchek


Head coach of Ukrainian team Moroz Yuri:

- I am glad that we managed to save the match till penalty kicks. The send off of one of the players certainly influenced an opponent team. We have to reconstruct our tactics as Belarusians started to play closed and mostly in defense. Naturally I had hard times as well as all the players. During tournament we didn't have enough time to recover, and then today there was a tense game. Now it's time to look over and make conclusions.

Head coach of Belarus team Mikheyev Valentine:

- We are familiar with the opponent for a long time. There is a tradition - all final matches of the recent tournaments we play VS Ukraine. I saw a real team I want to have in the first time of today's today! In the second half - we sat down physically. I agree with my colleague it is very busy schedule of games. Even last year sportsmen were playing according to youth norms – 2 times 40 minutes each. Now everything is serious. I am amused a little with information about Savitsky and signing a contract with "Zenit". This is not true. According to my opinion, I would rather advise him to move to Europe. European football pays more attention to the players.

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