Match №16

The match №16, play-off, fourth tournament day.

Italy – Turkey 0:0 (4:2)

January 8th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 2 000 spectators

Judges: Lipovoy, Anoshin, Milyuchenko

Italy: Cragno, Ricci, Murru, Gatto, Rugani (C), Piana, Garritano (Maccarone, 41), Sanseverino, Padovan (Rozzi, 72), Pasa, Tempesti (Lancini 56)

Head coach: Evani Alberigo

Turkey: Ozveet, Aksoy (Goksel'olu, 58), Veliolu (C) (Eminoolu, 81), Chalik, Chaatay (Balj, 46), Unsal, Niaz, Shaahin, Karaman (Ary, 46), Bardakchy, Gular

Head coach: Uchar Feyyaz


Yellow cards: Aksoy (29), Chaatay (30), Murru (35), Veliolu (51), Ary (87), Gatto, (88)

Red cards: Piana (39)

Best players: Ricci, Niaz


Head coach of Italian team Evani Alberigo:

- It was the most difficult match for my team in this tournament. When we played 11-11 we tried to attack, creating scoring chances. In case send off of one of the players, I had to rebuild the entire tactical scheme of the match. Emphasis was replaced on our defense. I am glad that our players have coped with this difficult task. As for the penalties, I prefer to win during the game. I am a sportsman and I don't like the lottery.

Head coach of Turkey Uchar Feyyaz:

- All the Italian teams are always well organized. Many different teams tried to break their defense, but few succeed. Today we were enable to realize advantage in one sportsman more – we played 11 vs 10 Italians. There is no victory without goals scored. Now we have one more problem – we can not play in the majority. In my team we don't train penalties; I think it is not necessary.

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