Match №13

The match №13, play-off, fourth tournament day.

Ukraine – Czech Republic 1:4

January 8th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 300 spectators.

Judges: Chernov, Runov, Suharenok

Ukraine: Ivanov, Shekel (Iosha, 21), Miroshnik, Duts', Tokar', Vasiliev (Luchik, 29; Andreevskiy, 82), Chachua, Petryak (Gemega, 61), Meshn'ov, Grishin (Khoblenko, 61), Khl'obas

Head coach: Yuriy Moroz

Czech Republic: Zima, Karafiat, Khoholoushek, Lyuftner, Studeny (Shterba, 46), Chermak, Shevchik (Travnik, 54), Svoboda (Yulish, 42), Nerad, Cherny, El'ash (Ful'nek, 77)

Head coach: Caplar Josef

Goals: Khl'obas (4), Svoboda (26, 39), Cherny (51), Khoholoushek (81)

Yellow cards: Shekel (12)

Best players: Khl'obas, Chermak


Head coach of Ukrainian team Yuriy Moroz:

- We are finishing playing in the tournament just like we have begun. The problem is one and the same -upper game and defense. Almost all goals were scored because of it. Well, we still have a lot of work to do! This year my team will be quite busy due to schedule of matches. About 70 percent of these players will keep their place in the national team.

Head coach of Czech Republic team Caplar Josef:

- I want to thank Ukrainian team for fair play and good level of football. We were in advantage throughout the match; therefore, score is right. Let me notice that the main purpose of my work is to seek, train and prepare young players for the national team, so now we need to have a lot of training and to ignore the result. Victory in the tournaments will come obligatory.

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