Match №6

Match №6, the group C, second tournament day.

Ukraine – Greece 5:1

January 5, 2012, SCC Peterburgsky, 300 spectators.

Judges: Galimov, Sidenko, Kuzhelev

Ukraine: Ivanov, Iosha (Shekel, 16), Duts', Tokar', Miroshnik, Vasiliev (Luchik, 64), Gemega (Petryak, 46), Chachua, Meshn'ov, Grishin (Khoblenko, 83), Khl'obas (Kozlovskiy, 83).

Head coach: Yuriy Moroz

Greece: Сhoutesiotis E., Papoutsogiannopoulos (Polianidis, 46), Сhoutesiotis A., Vosnakidis (Panagiotoudis, 46), Kantoutsis, Siopis, Mouzakitis (Goutas, 46), Giannitsanis (Spanos, 59), Soukias, Papadimitriou (Paliatsios, 46), Ioannidis (Donis, 46).

Head coach: Touanas Konstantinos

Goals: Soukias (1), Khl'obas (36), Grishin (39), Petryak (54), Meshn'ov (79), Kozlovskiy (90).

Yellow cards: Paliatsios (59).

Best players: Grishin, Soukias


Head coach of Ukrainian team:

-Missed goal on the first minute made us to get together, to go into a rage and, finally, to show the football, expected by our fans. Honestly, I thought that sportsmen could be tired playing two days in a row. But first goal provoked us and gave new strength. Already in the first half, we managed to push opponents back to their gate, and add the activity to our attacks. This is how in short time we made good results. And, in general, I want to note the mentality of our players – they will not run forward without hard and swearing words!

Head coach of Greek team:

-Thanks a lot to the Ukrainians for a lesson they taught us. To defend my team I would say that we just got together as a team. We also have never played on synthetic field. We started everything "from scratch", but there is a lot of games ahead. Greece has a lot of football talents ant it is well known fact.

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